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Project Bumblebee (Mazda MX-5 NB)

edited April 2016 in Project Logs
"Project Bumblebee" (I know, silly name, but bear with me)
I started looking around for a car to build on. A car that wasn't too expensive, but had most of what I wanted already on it. The MX-5 has always been my dream car and the Sport edition comes with chassi bracing, the bigger 1.8l engine and variable cam timing, all leading up to a whopping 108 kw (146 hp) with the low weight of just over a ton. They're extremely nimble on the road and have great traction all leading to a super fun driving experience.

In short it's to make a show car that is also street legal and drivable (or as close to it as possible). The car's theme, as you probably guessed, will be the Autobot Bumblebee. I never liked Michael Bay's representation of Bumblebee as a big, burly american muscle car. To me, Bumblebee will always be a small, cute car. In the original series he transformed into a 1960 VW Type 1 (affectionally known as the Beetle). 

So here follows a list of the modifications I intend to make (or have already made).

Supercharge the engine to around 160kw minimum with a later goal of 220kw. Local tune shop does the tuning and provides the ECU. (MaxxTuning).
New fuel system for increased flow and E85 support.
V-Maxx coilovers for handling.
Fender Braces (Done)
Lightweight racing rims
Flyin' Miata 13 pound lightweight flywheel.
Flyin' Miata FM 1 performance clutch.
Brake and clutch line upgrade to braided steel lines.

IL-M Twin tip, stainless steel exhaust
A discrete body work with a front lip, sideskirts and maybe a rear bumper
Low profile boot spoiler
Angel Eyes, dual projector headlights
Chrome fuel door (done)
Smoked LED taillights (done)
Bright, pure yellow matte foil wrap with Autobot decals and emblems.
IL-M bonnet gas lifters (done)

Replace several parts of the now black interior with tan interior for increased contrast and detail.
Racing pedal upgrade
Chrome rims around ventilation, switches, head unit etc (done)
Electroluminescent dash dial faces. (done, but broken. Going to fix)
LED floodlights in ice blue color (done)

You can follow the entire project in video form HERE.


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  • Well, the Indiglo dash faces are repaired now so they got power again. I ripped the dash out of the Mazda (smashing both my index finger knuckles in the process. Yay blood) and installed the faces again. Tomorrow I'll put the dash back in and start with the wiring.
  • Right. Dash faces are now in and wired to the headlight. Took me about an hour with a voltmeter to find the lead for the headlights as I refused to be lazy and wire them to the ignition. I also took the time to mount the new high abrasive aluminum pedals. Looks sweet!
  • Exhaust is in place! Next up is the suspension. Screw that shit. I've been putting it off for too long because I'm legit terrified of doing it on my own xD Stay tuned though, video on suspension is coming!
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